WordPress is developed by thousands of developers. You can also be one of these programmers – if you want to. However, if you want to modify the WordPress kernel files – for your own purposes – we already write why we do not recommend it.

WordPress needs to be updated

WordPress to be safe must be updated. Any tampering with the source code of the core files beyond the official product line will cause any changes to be overwritten during the update. So your work does not lead to anything. If you come up with: „My wordpress does not have to be updated” – you are wrong. Because of its open source, every developer error is caught up very quickly. There are scripts that check the susceptibility of web pages to the existence of known bugs – they are automatic. So hackers will quickly change the content of your site. They can then use your site to send spam, or create phishing scripts on your site. Do not be surprised when the police ask you in this case – these are illegal activities that you will have to explain.

WordPress documentation your friend.

WordPress documentation shows you how many possibilities it gives you to use WordPress. It shows that in fact all modifications are available without the need to modify the kernel. Thanks to the extensive use of actions and filters, you can flexibly customize WordPress to your liking. When creating skins for WordPress, practically everything can be done – according to the needs and imagination of the designer. Thanks to the experience we have, we have many solutions at hand.


We specialize in website implementations. It is important that, like wordpress, the skins are updatedes. Our Uniset theme work with top commercial themes that are updated by developers.